A 20 year heritage of solar module excellence in the USA
From poly to finished module, quality is our priority. We want to supply you with the high performance modules you need for your projects.

During the manufacturing process, our modules undergo strict testing procedures to ensure that the final product you receive will be as reliable today as it will be in 25 years.

Most solar module manufacturers have only been producing their modules for 5 years; how do they know their modules will last a 25-year lifetime? MOTECH makes this claim with confidence because of our 20-year heritage in module design, engineering and manufacturing in Newark, Delaware.
Value for Our Customers
Recognizing that both cost and quality are important to our customers, MOTECH has taken a path to make the best use of our global resources.

Motech Americas has transformed into MOTECH’s Global Module Excellence Center so that we will continue to provide American designs, material specifications, and robust quality controls to every module we supply. By leveraging the beneficial aspects and advantages of our sister companies in various countries to manufacture the basic components of a quality product, while keeping the final details at our manufacturing facility in Newark, Delaware, we are bringing value for our customers and jobs to the U.S.
Supporting the Local Economy
Modules manufactured at Motech Americas qualify under the “Buy American” clause of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). All of our modules are UL certified,and CEC and FSEC listed for use across North America and our in-house test labs are certified by Intertek. Our solar experts are trained in Six Sigma manufacturing and have been producing world-class quality modules in Newark, Delaware for two decades.
For your official use, download our ARRA Compliance Letter
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  • The purchase of a home is an important decision. With solar systems expected to continuously generate electricity for 30 years, the choice of modules for your solar system should be an equally important decision.

  • MOTECH’s IM60 Black and White/Black are known for their long term reliability and power output, and with their sleek appearance, as a home owner, you can expect to be the envy of the neighborhood.